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Get ready for a captivating celebration of culture and heritage at the Panama City Beach Scottish Festival! As the waves of the Gulf meet the shores of Florida’s breathtaking coastline, a different kind of excitement is set to ensue. This festival is not just a mere event; it’s a journey into the vibrant traditions of Scotland, right in the heart of Panama City Beach. From the mesmerizing sound of bagpipes echoing through the air to the graceful movements of traditional Scottish dancers, this festival promises a weekend filled with top-notch entertainment and an unforgettable fusion of Scottish and coastal charm.


music by The Devil's Brigade

From Scotland to Japan, Italy to Cuba, Spain to Guam to the Middle East, and across North America, this electrifying group is embracing Celtic, Rock, world music, and more with daring, skill and a wee bit o’ cheek.

Formerly the American Rogues

Celtica Nova 2023

music by celtica nova

Your favorite Celtic rock band, featuring Scottish bagpipers! Celtica Nova received the “International Celtic Artist of the Year” award at the 2019 at the Australian Celtic Music Awards.

We love our pipe bands!

The precise history of Bagpipes is unclear and there are various claims as to their origin. It has been suggested that they originated in the Middle East and were brought to Scotland by Celtic forefathers; whereas others claim that the instrument was introduced to the Scots by the Romans. Wherever the credit lies, it cannot be denied that the Bagpipes were adopted by the Scots, who gave them the distinctive music and idiom which has become identified as Scotland’s national musical instrument. There is also no doubt that it was in the Scottish Highlands that the modern Great Highland Bagpipe was developed. The birth of Bagpipe music as we know it today can be traced directly to the MacCrimmon family in the Isle of Skye, who were hereditary Pipers to the MacLeods between 1600 and 1825; and who ran a College of Piping at Borreraig in Skye from around 1670.


Free axe throwing

Axe 850 is a veteran owned and operated company based in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida! Established in 2020 from idea to inception by the owner, operator and fabricator Scott Loehr II.


celtic dancers

Timberlane Arts and Dance Academy Irish Dancers will entertain us with their music, costumes, and artistic ‘jigs’ and ‘reels’.  Look for them front and center on the main entertainment field. 


Scottish Tea room

Hosted by the VFW Auxiliary Post 10555, join us for a proper Scottish Tea of scones, shortbread, empire biscuits, a variety of sandwiches and of course, tea! All proceeds support the veterans programs around Panama City Beach, Florida